Welcome to the Woven Life

Stories of making new out of old, good out of sad, and exploring new spaces with a focus on loving one’s neighbor. A place to learn more about Melinda’s Global Immersion in Guatemala! Tejer conmigo!

Taking flight to new adventure

Melinda standing in front of colorful bougainvillea.

I’m fundraising for the expenses of the year through the ECC under Serve Globally. Donations made via this link are tax deductible. Please let me know if you have any questions.

“I think our lives are connected by threads. We’re weaving our own quilts as we go along and it has been my experience that there are so many threads that connect people. Invisible threads, strong threads, sparkling threads, but I think there is so much interconnectivity between people and I acknowledge that and I see it all the time. I think some of that is divine.”

~ Kathy Garver